Posted on February 17, 2009


Deadline for abstract submission: September 1st, 2011 XXXX


Invited speakers: abstract submission deadline is october 1st, 2009 XXX


Submitted abstracts will be included in the the scientific program both as oral presentations and posters.

In order to submit your most up to date research, fill in the abstract submission form below and e-mail the attachment to:


Abstract submission form XXX


Criteria for abstract submission xxx

Abstracts should meet the following criteria.

  • The abstract text cannot exceed 2000 characters (including space, excluding title and authors).
  • Abstracts can be written in English or any Scandinavian language (Norwegian, Swedish, Danish), explained abbreviations may be used.
  • The abstract text must not contain any information about the presenters or institutions involved, to facilitate the blind review process.
  • References are not required in abstracts. If supplied, they are included in the character count.
  • Although case reports, will be considered by the scientific committee, authors should be aware that such abstracts will be given a low priority.
  • Abstracts of empirical studies must outline the:
  1. research aims – please state the specific object of study
  2. study population (where appropriate)
  3. study design and methods
  4. method of statistical analysis
  5. results (abstracts with preliminary results will be considered – see late breaking abstracts)
  6. conclusions
  • Generic drug names should be preferred. The use of trade names is discouraged, and should only be used when necessary
  • The author is required to indicate at the end of the abstract, the main source of funding of the study XXX
  • In case of any questions or inquiries, please e-mail                                or phone (+47) 73 86 97 49


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